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Welcome to DelishNutrish!


This community was created by a young newlywed who tortured her poor husband with foul-tasting food. She was uneducated in the field of culinary arts and often made dishes she thought were healthy, only to learn later they were anything but.

Are you looking for a recipe for a tasty low-cal dessert? Did you just make a fabulous burrito dinner and are dying to share your recipe with someone? Are you tired of munching on potato chips in between meals and would wish you had something healthier to snack on? Whether you love to cook or fear the kitchen, DelishNutrish is the place for you!

To ensure happiness and prevent drama, the following rules will be enforced:

1) Treat others as you would expect to be treated. This is a very basic rule but without a doubt, the most important one. Please show respect and do not belittle anyone or their ideas.

2) For extra long entries or big pictures, please use a LJ-CUT. Some people just don't like scrolling through long entries!

3) Please don't join this community if you are doing so just to promote your own community. That is not cool. If you have been a member of this community for a while and would like to spread the word about one of your own communities, please contact the mod for permission.

4) Please don't stray too far off the main topic of delicious and nutritious recipes. Occasional entries about super yummy but super unhealthy chocolate cake recipes are okay (after all, we're human, right?) but let's not forget the real reason why we're hear... to share yummy and healthy recipes!

If you've just joined this community and find that you're not able to post, please leave a comment in one of the delish_nutrish entries asking for help. Someone will assist you very soon!

Most importantly... HAVE FUN!!! Whether you're dieting or just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you'll find the support you need at DelishNutrish! If you're new to the community, be sure to make a post saying 'hi!'


Pictures are always helpful so if you have a "final outcome" photo of the dish you're sharing, be sure to include it in your post! Also, let us know if you tried a recipe shared by a fellow community member... feedback is always appreciated!

This community was created by Wynoah. Please direct any questions or comments to her.