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Good Site for recipes

So, my dad subscribed my mom to this Women's Magazine called 'Woman's Day' thinking it was a renewal of her subscription to another Women's magazine that she has had forever (Women's World). ... Anyway, she has been giving me the Women's Day magazine to read, which I absolutely love so far. It has some interesting articles and topics!

So, my point is ... they also have some GREAT recipes in this magazine. I went to go check out their site and it looks like EVERYTHING and then some is posted there. They have a great search engine for their recipes too. They range from extremely healthy to extremely NOT!!! And 6 minute meals to not 6 minutes!

Just thought I would pass it on:


Also, for a healthy lunch (for those of us who work and 'forget' to pack a lunch) I have found Mr. Pita to be pretty good. (it's my latest, go there twice a week for lunch, place)


Does anyone else have any good recipe sites. I think I've concluded that I want to start a binder of sorts to put these recipes in!
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